Safety Matters

Maintaining student safety on our campus remains a top priority and we need your help to continue to make sure that students are safe during morning drop off and afternoon pick-up.

Please read and follow our guidelines:

Morning Drop-Off

  • Please use the drop off zone in the front of the school. The back parking lot is not designed as a drop off zone for the school. Use the drop off zone in the front of the school. Only the following cars will be allowed in the back parking lot: VSE teachers & staff, Parents of pre-School students, Parents of kindergarten students, Cars displaying a blue disabled placard (disability access)

  • Please pull all the way forward in the cone zone to help alleviate traffic back-up.

  • All students must exit from the right hand side of the car so that they can walk on the yellow safe zone and not on the road where cars may be driving.

  • If you need to access the back parking lot because you are dropping off a pre-school/special needs student, please approach the entrance to the front parking lot very cautiously and wait for the direction of the adult supervising the entrance to let you through.

  • If driving in the back parking lot, please drive very slowly. Please hold your child’s hand in the parking lot and walk with them until you arrive on the campus safely.

  • Please do not drop off your child on the Veterans road in the back of the school and allow them to walk up the hill and cross the back parking lot unsupervised. This is dangerous.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Please reduce your speed when approaching and driving on the school campus. Reducing your speed at all times is the most effective way to ensure student safety.

Afternoon Pick-up

  • Please park your vehicle and pick-up your child from inside the MPR.

  • Once a child is handed off to parents, parents are responsible for maintaining appropriate behavior with their child. Children will not be allowed to run, slide, or play around in the MPR.

  • Do not load students in the middle of the road as this causes traffic back-up.

  • We realize parking is limited after-school. Please parallel park responsibly to avoid unsafe situations. We need to ensure that students have a safe place to walk to their vehicles/homes. Do not park in a crosswalk where students need to walk safely.

  • Exercise caution when backing up your vehicle.

  • If you are walking to your car with your child/children, please hold their hand or keep them close to you to make sure they are safe at all times.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Please reduce your speed when driving in/around our school zone. Please be aware that students are walking home or to their cars and reducing your speed is the best way to ensure students are safe.

Let’s continue to work together to make sure that our students are safe when arriving and departing from school.

This requires a collective effort and true team effort on everyone’s behalf.