Student-Parent-School Compact

Valley Springs Elementary School Student-Parent-School-Compact

Each student will be helped to reach his/her highest potential for intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth. In meeting these goals, the students, staff, and parents will work together by recognizing and agreeing upon the responsibilities of each party.

As a member of the school staff, I will be responsible for:

1. Providing meaningful educational experiences for all students that are designed to motivate and encourage students to succeed.

2. Constantly evaluating student progress and communicating this progress to the student and parents.

3. Maintaining a safe, orderly, positive learning environment.

4. Providing appropriate homework that supports and extends classroom learning.

5. Providing meaningful communication with parents (conferencing, phone calls, emails, classroom newsletters, etc.)

6. Offering opportunities and an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions regarding school assignments and activities.

7. Monitoring and adjusting curriculum to meet student needs.

As a parent, I will be responsible for:

1. Providing a caring home environment including adequate nutrition, rest, attention, to my child’s health so that my child may attend school regularly, on time, ready to learn.

2. Respecting and cooperating with all members of the school community.

3. Talking to my child regularly about school assignments and activities and modeling a respect for education.

4. Providing a home environment that encourages learning and supports student responsibilities.

5. Having an awareness of my child’s progress by attending conferences, reviewing Monday folders, newsletters, the student handbook, contacting teachers with questions and being involved with the school.

6. Showing my child the value of learning by reading daily with my child, furnishing a time and quiet place at home for schoolwork and reading.

As a student, I will be responsible for:

1. Coming to school on time on a daily basis.

2. Completing assignments on time and at my personal best level.

3. Sharing with my family at least one interesting thing that I learned at school.

4. Spending quality time at home reading with my family and completing my homework.

5. Showing respect for myself, my peers, and all school staff and parent /community volunteers while at school.

6. Knowing and following bus, school, and classroom rules.

7. Asking questions that help me stay informed about school assignments.

Please review school policies with your child as outlined below in our student handbook.

Parent.Student Handbook