Principal's Message

I wish to extend a warm welcome to the entire Valley Springs Elementary School community for our 2022-2023 school year.

I am humbled and excited to be joining you as principal of this amazing school. There are a few other new faces joining VSE along with me. Each of them brings a wealth of experience and compassion to add to the excellent staff already here.

As role models for our students, we’ll strive to make the balance between work and play integral to each student’s day. Let us place rigor and relationships on equal footings when striving for student success. We want students to learn in a safe and caring manner so they may take what they have learned and build on both their successes and setbacks, and improve their character and academic knowledge.

Timely communication is critical in a positive learning climate. I urge you to return to the school website often throughout the year for important information. There you’ll find the latest edition of our monthly newsletter with important dates and events, as well as other valuable information. Students should be bringing home a weekly folder from their teacher, too. Be sure to check it regularly for important classroom information.

We have a wonderful staff and PTO on our campus. Please take full advantage of any assistance you may need in order to put your student’s wellbeing at the forefront of every day throughout the school year. Naturally, if I can be of any help with this, I encourage you to reach out.

Everyone at VSE has a role to play and we shall strive to make every day the best possible day it can be. The chosen theme for this school year is, “Building Our Future,” and that is just what we’ll do. Let us continue the strong and accomplished history of Valley Springs Elementary and build on its past success to make this year shine. Please join me in celebrating the strengths that each student brings every day.

It will be my pleasure to serve this wonderful community.

Charles Keller